Discover how the accounting profession is helping bring the SDGs to fruition

Whether in their business or personal capacities or as SAICA members, the corporates, CA Profession and various stakeholders within the profession are playing a crucial role to deliver solutions against all 17 SDGs through countless planning and implementation projects within their communities, organisations and sectors.

The 2018 and 2019 SDG Reports represents a snapshot of how the accounting profession in South Africa is working towards reaching the SDGs. It shows how, despite all the negative press surrounding our profession, collectively we are living our purpose and leaving a lasting legacy for the communities in which we operate.

While we acknowledge that the SDGs do not represent a short-term project (indeed the majority of the Global Goal’s ambitious targets aim for achievement by 2030), we can recognise and celebrate the contribution of the profession towards building the nation and making the world more sustainable.

The stories captured in the report are examples of how the accounting profession is living its purpose every day through projects run by SAICA, corporate firms and individual members. They are a testament of how, little by little, the profession is helping bring the SDGs to fruition.

We hope they inspire you and thank all our members who took the time to tell us about their efforts in the SDG space.